"I first went to Kayle as a client after my heart attack almost ten years ago. I hoped to decrease the stress and high blood pressure that contributed to my heart attack. I went to her as a patient with deep skepticism about some of her techniques but her humor and personality won me over. Using biofeedback, Kayle helped me learn to be aware of my many levels of stress and their triggers, and then to affect and minimize them.

The most important thing Kayle taught me was how to breathe better. I went to her at age 55, and would have laughed loudly at anyone suggesting I did not know how to breathe “correctly”. Kayle almost immediately observed that in stressful or difficult situations, I would stop breathing. Not for very long, of course - definitely not long enough for me to feel any effects - but certainly for a matter of some moments. By using her biofeedback equipment, she taught me the difference between breathing with my diaphragm and with my chest muscles. She taught me that breathing with my diaphragm creates a signal to my body and brain that “all is well” and therefore I have no reason to feel or be stressed. The signal is actually to relax. Consequently, my blood pressure is better.

I breathe with my diaphragm almost always now. I use the technique to relax in any stressful situation; I use the technique to help me fall asleep. When I occasionally find myself breathing with my chest, which is a forceful and more tiring way, I can easily change to my diaphragm. I often think of Kayle in that moment - and remember how she helped me learn to breathe."

– Jay Moskovitz, Portland, Oregon

•  •  •  •  •

"My daughter, Rose, has been seeing Kayle for some time now for her traumatic brain injury.  She has made noticeable improvement physically and cognitively.  Kayle has also been sensitive to Rose’s other health issues, and guided us to other health providers as needed.  She treats Rose with neurofeedback therapy, and also counsels her towards healthier personal choices.  I would strongly recommend her therapy."

– Diane Vinson

•  •  •  •  •

"When I started working with Kayle in 2011, I was trying to recover from severe brain injuries after a series of serious car accidents. I was confused, having trouble organizing my thoughts and participating in conversations was almost impossible.

Since working with her, my peripheral vision has returned, I am able to read again and retain information. I can converse with people, follow their thought patterns and respond appropriately. I have more control of my emotions, I have more confidence and although I fight depression, pain and PTSD, I can make it through each day more thoughtfully and, ultimately, have improved self-esteem. I no longer need antidepressants. I am making better decisions, both personally and professionally. My diet and general health have improved immensely.

As an artist, I am finding my work is more focused and detailed – something I had lost track of with the injuries.

Kayle has been here for me as a counselor and has guided me through many issues. I think my therapist gets jealous because I am always raving about how great Kayle is and how much she helps me. She has helped me think things through and since seeing her I have not had as many problems and am able to deal with my life and the obstacles it presents to be a head injured person.

Because of Kayle, I am getting my life back, and am able to handle every day a little easier.

Kayle really cares and that helps me take my life more seriously."

– Anne Marie Grgich

•  •  •  •  •

"I had been on 3 different antidepressants over 5 years and was still struggling with depression and social anxiety when Kayle Sandberg-Lewis was recommended to me as a Neurofeedback Practitioner.
I responded to Neurofeedback with increased mental clarity and uplifted mood. I progressed in 5 months to asking my MD to help me taper off the antidepressant. The quality of my life has changed and I am now able to make necessary changes in my life that I could not when I was on the antidepressant. Kayle is a caring and inspiring Neurofeedback practitioner who has made my life more full by talking with my brain thru Neurofeedback."

– J.P.

•  •  •  •  •

"I have been working with Kayle Sandberg-Lewis off and on for a few years. I was amazed when I left my first visit with her at how much better I felt (emotionally and physically) and continue to be impressed with how subtle neurofeedback can be and yet also powerfully helpful. She has a variety of treatment modalities that she uses that have helped me. In addition to always being professional, Kayle shows empathy and understanding. I appreciate being treated and supported in healing. At the same time, I enjoy the fact that I also always learn fascinating information about the brain in our discussions together."

– K.G.

•  •  •  •  •

"I did not want to work with Kayle because my insurance wouldn’t pay for it, but my girlfriend, who had great results with Kayle and neurofeedback, pointed out that what the insurance was paying for wasn’t working. They would pay for medications forever, but they had side effects which led to more drugs which, by the way, had side effects. By the time I met Kayle I was taking a shopping bag full of medications. So I sucked it up and paid out of pocket. The best money I ever spent. It’s been ten years and the only meds I take are my thyroid pills. I sleep great and when I’m awake I am really awake. I have a real life. My brain is clear and I actually want to go places and do things."

– J. N.

•  •  •  •  •

"Three years before meeting Kayle, I was in a little fender bender. We didn’t even contact our insurance companies, it was so minor, but as time passed, my mind seemed to just seep out of my body. I couldn’t hold a thought and my emotions became totally unpredictable. I cried most of the time and my sleep became a real problem – I would either sleep all day or not sleep for days. I had been the “strong person” in my network of friends and family, but I could no longer be trusted at all.

I cannot express how grateful I am to the person who introduced me to Kayle Sandberg-Lewis. The healing began when Kayle explained what had happened in that accident and that my brain wanted to be more efficient and that we could get there together. I have my life back and I have Kayle to thank for that."

– Karen W.

•  •  •  •  •

"We used to joke that our daughter was 35 years old at birth because she was never a problem. From toddler to teenager, she was easy. Then, during her junior year of high school, everything changed. We had to completely rethink how we dealt with her because she had a hair trigger temper and she became incredibly impulsive, taking risks that kept us up all night worrying. We wondered if she had started taking drugs, never suspecting the series of soccer ball injuries could have had such a drastic effect. Luckily, we were introduced to Kayle Sandberg-Lewis and she explained to us what was happening to our daughter. It took a few sessions, but we knew the first day that the neurofeedback was going to work. That evening, our daughter started to throw one of her fits, stopped herself, apologized and went to her room to “breathe”.

Kayle gave us our daughter back."

– D. & M. D.

•  •  •  •  •

Kayle Sandberg-Lewis has a long-standing policy of providing free neurofeedback to veterans with combat acquired traumatic brain injuries and or PTSD. She regrets that she can do it only on a space available basis.

"I haven’t used alcohol or street drugs for over twenty years, but there was never a day when I didn't think about using. Now, it's amazing! No more white knuckles."

– Bill, 60 year old Viet Nam veteran, PTSD, TBI and multiple chemical dependencies.

•  •  •  •  •

“I think I should tell you I’m waking up singing every morning. I’ve never felt so free.”

– Leo, 64 year old Viet Nam veteran, exposed to Agent Orange.
  Multiple head injuries.
  Diagnosed with PTSD and treated for prescription drug and alcohol dependencies.