Case Study #1:  “Carol”
Carol came across one of our brochures for Back in Balance, our program to provide neurofeedback to returning veterans. She had read that we address brain injuries through neurofeedback and asked me, “If it works for veterans, will it work for normal people?” I explained there is nothing different about a veteran’s brain; that I do the same work with other brain injured people. The only difference is that I do not charge veterans for my services. I had to repeat myself several times in different ways for Carol to understand me.   [read on]
Case Study #2:  “Benny” & "Mackenzie"
Benny and Mackenzie were clearly a danger to themselves and others and, if they continued on their paths, it seemed the legal system would soon be involved. Benny had been removed from two schools because he attacked other students when he felt wronged and threatened terrifyingly specific violence – castration and dismemberment - against those he hated. Incredibly bright and articulate, his descriptions of his planned retribution were chilling to anyone who witnessed them. Friendless, his primary playmate seemed to be his mother... Benny was 6 years old.   [read on]
Case Study #3:  “Duane”
When Duane, a veteran who had returned from Iraq in 2007, came to us in 2011, his headaches and nightmares were destroying his capacity to function during the day. The headaches were constant, but varied in presentation. Most of the time there was “just” a constant dull throb “wrapping around” his entire head, but at least once each week he would have a full-blown migraine that could last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. As for the dreams, they were all the same – an unknown evil force was looming behind him, threatening to annihilate him and everything he cared for.   [read on]