The media tends to simplify brain injuries and depict them as resulting from profoundly obvious single events. Clearly, this occurs all too often, but it blinds people - including practitioners - to the possibility of more benign causes of brain injuries. It is much more common for people to be affected by one or more relatively innocuous "non-events". For example, people generally make no association between a low impact fender bender and the subsequent fog, body pain and/or personality changes they eventually experience. Most brain injuries occur without loss of consciousness and it is relatively rare for someone with such a brain injury to seek medical attention at the time of the event. Much later, after symptoms have become too onerous to ignore, people go to their doctors with a constellation of complaints that will most likely not be linked back to the accident.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries:

• Direct Blow to the Head
• Flexion/Extension (whiplash) Injury
• Exposure to Nearby Explosion
• Stroke
• Toxic Chemical Exposure
• Lack of Oxygen or Near Drowning Experience
• Repetitive "Bonks" & "Knocks"


• Heading Soccer Balls
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Bicycle Accidents
• Playground Accidents
• Football
• Horse Riding
• Domestic Violence